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Download and install .NET SDK 7.0 for your platform.

Download ARMDownload x64


If you wish to use the Video Nodes to process videos, you must download FFmpeg for your system.

You can also install FFmpeg using homebrew.

brew update
brew install ffmpeg

This will likely install FFmpeg into the location


Use this location during the configuration step.


FileFlows App packages

Server AppNode App

Manual Installation

Download Zip
From the FileFlows directory open a terminal into the "Server" subfolder
dotnet FileFlows.Server.dll --no-gui

FileFlows should now be accessible from http://localhost19200/ or http://[host]19200/

Note if you have a conflict with port 5000, see the Custom Port Guide.


If using FFmpeg, you must set the installation path on the Variables page.

  1. Open the FileFlows UI on http://localhost19200/
  2. Navigate to the "Variables" Page
  3. Click "Add"
  4. Enter
NameffmpegThe name of the variable, this is case insensitive
Value/usr/bin/ffmpegThe path to your FFmpeg instance

You maybe able to use the whereis command to locate ffmpeg

whereis ffmpeg