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Are you tired of manually managing your files? Meet FileFlows — the ultimate solution for automatic file processing!

FileFlows lets you monitor and process any file type with custom flows. Videos, audio, images, archives, comics, eBooks—you name it!

Imagine This:

  • Transcoding all your video files to seamlessly play on your TV? ✔️
  • Converting audio files for your car? ✔️
  • Saving space and cutting storage costs? ✔️

With FileFlows, it’s all possible!

Our powerful Flow processing engine, extensive plugin collection, and a vibrant community repository mean the possibilities are endless. Your imagination is the only limit!

Download and install FileFlows today on Windows, Mac, Linux, Docker, and more!

It can be extended through Plugins (written in .NET) or Scripts (written in JavaScript).

It has an active community with community Scripts, Sub Flows and Templates to help you get started.