FileFlows is free for the majority of features.

Free Premium
Processing Nodes 2
5+ Based on your subscription level
Basic Public support via Discord and Forum
Priority Support via Discord/Forum, Direct Message and screen sharing available
Video Processing
Audio Processing
Image Processing
Scripts Extend the functionality of FileFlows using custom Javascript Nodes
Plugin Repository Access the plugin repository to download additional plugins to extend the functionality
SQLite Database Standard database with limited features
MySQL Database Use an external MySQL or Maria Database to improve performance and additional features
Custom Dashboards Create custom dashboards and gain access to widgets to show processing statistcs
Revision History Automatically keep previous revisions of a Flow, Library and Dashboard and easily restore or undelete past revisions
Automatic Upgrades Automatically download and get the latest version of FileFlows
Node Automatic Upgrades When the server is upgraded, the server can push the upgraded version to the Nodes automatically
Advanced Logging Powerful logging that lets you search and view all logs in one place
Custom Processing Order Configure a library to process files as first seen, randomly, by size or by date.
Pre Execute Scripts Run a script on a processing node before any file is processed, for example to check if a resource is available