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Getting Started

To get started with FileFlows, begin by installing the application following the instructions provided in the Installation Instruction tailored for your preferred platform.

Once FileFlows is installed, open the web console. By default, you can access it at http://localhost:19200.

Next, download and install the Plugins that match the file types you intend to process. While FileFlows includes Basic for common operations, additional plugins are required for more advanced functionalities, such as handling video or audio files.

After installing the necessary plugins, proceed to create a Flow for processing your files. Utilize available templates to expedite the setup process.

Before applying your flow to actual files, it's advisable to test it thoroughly. Set up a test Library and run your flow to ensure it functions as expected.

Once you're satisfied with the flow's performance, you can delete the test library and establish a new library for processing your actual files.

Enjoy using FileFlows!