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Scripts allow you to define Javascript functions that can be re-used as user-created flow elements in a Flow.

A script can be shared with the community to implement common or missing features not found in a plugin.

Each script will be added as a Flow Node in the Flow Editor.

See Scripting for a complete reference

Types of Scripts

Flow Scripts

These are scripts that will be available as additional nodes in a Flow. These must follow a strict pattern described below.

System Scripts

These scripts are special scripts that can be used by the system for Tasks and events. These do not follow a strict pattern, and are treaty as "truthy", if they return a "falsey" value (false, 0, null etc) when use they stop an action. For example if a script returns 0 and is used in a "Pre Execute Script" for a Processing Node that will prevent that node from processing any more files.

Shared Scripts

These scripts are libraries that can be used by any script and can provide helper methods to simplify other scripts. For example, there is a FileFlowsAPI shared script which provides access to some FileFlows API methods.


See Scripting:Scripts for more information about creating scripts.